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Ladies Who Dine

Essay in Hypertext Magazine

We knew you. Before. Before the promotion, the guy, the condo, the kid. Before the lay off, the IVF. Before the lawsuit, the cancer scare. Before you lost your dad.


Essay in Story Club Magazine

Have you ever wished for something so much, that the illusion in your mind becomes the truth? That was me—2012—wanting so badly to be pregnant, that I fell in love with our embryos. I was about to have two of them transferred into my uterus. We’d have to wait 12 days, then I’d have a blood test to ensure that both or one of them had attached to my womb, and I would finally be what I had wanted to be for so long: pregnant.

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Nine Babies on ice

Essay in Pank Magazine

We talk about the embryo transfer, and I list worries that begin with “what if” and end in “miscarriage,” in “birth defect.” Jamie opens his eyes, pulls my face down towards his, and kisses me upside down. The stubble on his chin scratches my nose.

“We have nine tries,” he says. “One of them has to take.”


HOw We Compare: Green space

Article in Chicago Magazine

The results are in—Chicago may have a reputation for being “green,” but when it comes to actual park space, the city has fewer parkland acres per resident than does any of the nine other biggest U.S. cities, and Chicago ranks third lowest among all 56 major cities.