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Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching



I LOVE writing coaching. It is incredibly rewarding to watch an idea morph into a published text. Over the last decade, I've been coaching essayists, novelists, and memoirists all over the world (current writers are in France, Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, California, Chicago, etc). I coach people in all stages of writing: those who just have an idea, those who want to work on essays and short stories, and those with drafts who who want to finish and get published. I also help guide MFA candidates through applying to creative writing programs.


Here are recently published works by authors I’ve coached:

So Many Angels, Memoir, Diane Stelfox Cook

Light Therapy, Essay by Helen Collins Stitler

USWNT Win, Article by Coley Gallagher

Living a Motivated Life, Raymond Wlodkowski

The Scar Dance, Novel by William Mansfield


How it works

I give an initial free consult over the phone where we discuss your long and short term goals, then we decide on our schedule (weekly, biweekly, monthly) for meetings over the phone or via Skype. You send me work on our designated dates; I read and give feedback thorough written comments, then we meet (over the phone or via Skype) to discuss. At our appointment, we verbally go over my major points from the feedback and we discuss issues or stumbling blocks you have been having. Then I inspire you and direct you toward the next section to write. I also offer "creativity booster meetings" where I give you a prompt and visualization and lesson to get you going (as I would in a writing workshop).


“In addition to being an amazing writing coach, Nadine was also a cheerleader and a sounding board. She gave me encouragement when I doubted myself and didn’t think I could write anymore. She helped me figure out what parts of the story needed to be omitted or expanded, and she assigned me deadlines to keep the project moving forward. 

My manuscript is going to be published in September 2019 and this would not have happened without Nadine’s guidance and support. Hiring her moved my project from a pile of notes to a completed manuscript.

If you are struggling with a writing project, I recommend Nadine highly.”

—Diane Stelfox Cook


Coaching Packages

Writers buy a time package at the beginning and we deduct time as we go. Packages start at 6 hours and go all the way to 50 hrs. I make the packages affordable because I want writers to be able to achieve their goals without the hurdle of being able to afford coaching. Writers purchase packages based on the number of hours they think they will need. You can always purchase another package in the future. You receive discounts when going with a larger package.

I read and give feedback on 20 double spaced 12-pt font MS pages per hour. (So to give you an idea, if you send 40 pages it will take me 2 hours to read and give thorough feedback.)

If I read 40 pages, it takes me 2 hours  to read and we meet for an hour, then that would be 3 hours I deduct from the total number of hours you bought. (If you bought a 12 hour package, and we used 3, you'd have 9 hours left). I keep a spread sheet that you and I both have access to.

It’s easy to learn more and sign up. Just contact me through the “email” box on the top right hand corner of this webpage.